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I get this error during checkout:

cvs checkout: warning: new-born file.java has disappeared
cvs [checkout aborted]: cannot make directory : No such file or directory
cvs status: cannot rewrite CVS/Entries.Backup: Permission denied

I'm sure I have the proper permissions to this folder and it happens even when I try to check out to a new one. I'm also sure that these files exist in cvs..

my checkout command is:

cvs co -d dir -N -r(num) -r(num)... file file... and so on

What does this new-born thing mean?

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new-born refers to a file that has been add-ed but not commit-ted yet, or that CVS is having trouble getting the file written locally.

My guess would be that there is a .cvs directory present that records an add but the file has since been deleted.

The additional errors you're seeing relate to permissions in the checkout directory - maybe you don't have write access to the checkout directory, umask is set incorrectly or there is a directory permission inheritance problem.

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Thanks, but I know these files have already been committed into CVS. This error also happens when I try to check these files out into a fresh directory. Lastly, I have rwx permissions on this directory. –  jcee14 Nov 25 '08 at 16:17
Double check your umask settings (umask -S in bash). After executing the cvs command, ls-la and verify that a .CVS was created and has the correct permissions. Otherwise, please post the exact command you're using. –  Ken Gentle Nov 25 '08 at 16:26
BTW, where are you running the checkout? Windows, cygwin, linux ? –  Ken Gentle Nov 25 '08 at 16:28
linux bash shell –  jcee14 Nov 25 '08 at 16:32
Files in the CVS folder: Entries Entries.Log Entries.Static Repository Root Looks pretty normal –  jcee14 Nov 25 '08 at 16:37

In my case it was caused by specifying tag which was not present on the file. Try to remove -r from the cmd line

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I had a similar error message for a file that used to have ACLs that matched my account but no longer did.

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If there is a sticky tag setup on files in that directory but the file in question is new and has not been so tagged, then this error can occur.

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