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how can i integrate ebay sniper in my site code which is used to making bid in last remaining seconds of bid

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Are you asking how to program in the logic to perform last minute bids against an ebay auction? If so I think this is the wrong site. –  spinon Jul 5 '10 at 7:32
@spinon its not the wrong site, it's just a bad question –  IIIIIllllllllIlllllIIIIIIIIlll Aug 4 '11 at 21:47

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ref ebay api

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you could also use the intradesys php ebay SDK found here: https://ebay-sdk.intradesys.com/ebay_api_sdk_online_generator makes it alot easier to integrate the API, they also provide a test tool with code generation for each call.

if you want to build a sniper you should take a look at the trading api and the PlaceOffer call, within the OfferType object you can set the action to "Bid" like in this example: https://ebay-sdk.intradesys.com/s/d82c8d1619ad8176d665453cfb2e55f0

you will need to at the item, and bid information etc. but at the end the code will look somehow like this:

require_once 'EbatNs_Session.php';
require_once 'EbatNs_Logger.php';
require_once 'EbatNs_ServiceProxy.php';
require_once 'EbatNs_Session.php';
require_once 'EbatNs_DataConverter.php';

$session = new EbatNs_Session();

require_once 'EbatNs_ServiceProxy.php';
$proxy = new EbatNs_ServiceProxy($session, 'EbatNs_DataConverterUtf8');

require_once 'PlaceOfferRequestType.php';
$placeofferrequest = new PlaceOfferRequestType();
$offer = new OfferType();
$offer->setItemID("YOUR ITEM ID");
$amount = new AmountType();
$amount->setTypeValue("YOUR MAX BID AMOUNT");

$response = $proxy->PlaceOffer($placeofferrequest);
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