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is it possible to resize an image using tkinter only?

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both answers below amount to no. – Terry Jan Reedy Mar 11 at 23:32

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from PIL import Image

img ="flower.png")
img = img.resize((34, 26), Image.ANTIALIAS)

For further information, go to

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As far as I know (and it's been a while since I've touched Tkinter), it's a GUI toolkit. The closest it comes to "images" is the PhotoImage class which allows you to load them up and use them in your GUIs. If you want to edit/alter an image, I think you'd be better of using the Python imaging library (PIL).

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Just in case anyone comes across this for future reference, as I was looking for this myself earlier. You can use tkinter's PhotoImage => subsample method

I wouldn't say it really resizes in a certain sense but if you look up the documentation it returns the same image but skips X amount of pixels specified in the method.


 import tkinter as tk
 root = tk.Tk()
 canvas = tk.Canvas(root, ....)
 canvas_image = tk.PhotoImage(file = path to some image)
 canvas_image = canvas_image.subsample(2, 2) #See below for more: 
                                             #Shrinks the image by a factor of 2 effectively

 canvas.create_image(0, 0, image = canvas_image, anchor = "nw")
 self.canvas_image = canvas_image #or however you want to store a refernece so it's not collected as garbage in memory

So say our original image was 400x400 it is now effectively at 200x200. This is what I've been using when I need to compile a game or something I made and don't want to deal with PIL and it's compiling issues.

However, other than the above reason I'd just use PIL.

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