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Is there a way to send data to database when click on a link without page refresh?

I use php/mysql...

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You have already listed the ways in your tags... –  Felix Kling Jul 5 '10 at 10:35

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I will give you an example using jQuery; Let's say that we have a link with an attribute id="button_id". ( You have to learn the jQuery selectors ).

    var var_data = 5;
            url: "my_script.php",
            data: { var_PHP_data: var_data };
            success: function(data) {
                // do something;

Explanation: You will send the variable var_data with the name var_PHP_data to a my_script.php without page refresh using an ajax call. ( using GET method ). this is very simple example of what you have to write on your PHP script.

$var_name = $_GET['var_PHP_data'];
echo 'This is what you have send'.$var_name;


Because the default method to send variables in the ajax function in jQueyr is GET. We have to use the $_GET function in PHP. This php script will print a message and this message will be handled in the success: function in the Ajax call and just for example we will alert this message returned from PHP.

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You'd have to use JavaScript. When a user clicks a link, if you don't use JavaScript, then you need to go user -> server -> user and they get a whole new page.

HTTP is stateless.

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It's not possible without a page refresh but this is the classic use-case for AJAX requests. If you're not familiar with AJAX then there are various methods of doing this using all the popular JavaScript frameworks such as Prototype and jQuery

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You can't send data directly to a database, but you can use AJAX to send data to a php page that will save them to the database, without reloading the page or following the link in the browser..

Have a look at http://api.jquery.com/jQuery.post/

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Not using PHP because it is server side - you need JavaScript / AJAX for this.

Check out frameworks like dojo (http://www.dojotoolkit.org/) , mootools (http://mootools.net/) or jQuery ( http://jquery.com/ ).

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Yes, you can use AJAX.

This is a very big topic, but I'd recommend you do some research on AJAX and jquery (javascript).

Here are some tutorials:



Do a search in google for more info.

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