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I want to integrate Google Sky Map in my application. Does it have an API?

What steps should be taken to integrate with this service, and how can I integrate it in an application?

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Was also looking for a way, but didn't find one.

One of the developers said this 6-7 months ago about integration/API

I'm one of the developers on the Sky Map project. At present there are no intents defined beyond the search intents. If you just want to point at a particular named target you could try those. At the moment we don't support kml or other Intents though.

If you do happen to find some new information, please share.

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To call Google Sky Map from within your application:

Intent i = new Intent(Intent.ACTION_SEARCH); i.setPackage("com.google.android.stardroid"); i.putExtra(SearchManager.QUERY, "mars");

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