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I'm expanding SPFieldText and BaseFieldControl to create a custom field. The field saves some data externally (for example, on a database or on another list)
Within the control I'm able to handle Edit and New events (using ControlMode).

I'd like to run a function and clean up some data when an item containing my field is deleted. Is this possible, in the context of a custom field?

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No, the field has no "knowledge" of the item it is contained in. You could however perform the cleanup by creating an ItemEventReceiver.

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Yeah, I figured that'd be the case, but I wanted to avoid an event receiver. That's the only option I could think of too, to attach an receiver when I create the custom column. Makes my project even messier :P . You're right, though, I don't really have events for creating and editing the item, I only got a control on the page. –  Kobi Jul 5 '10 at 14:30
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