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I've used Fluent NH in some projects but I'm having some problems with using the PersistenceSpecification class for testing a collection mapping. Here's the code for my classes (I'm just putting here the collection definition):

public class Ocorrencia : EntityWithAction, IHasAssignedId<Int32> {     
  private IList<Intervencao> _intervencoes = new List<Intervencao>();
  public IEnumerable<Intervencao> Intervencoes {
   return new ReadOnlyCollection<Intervencao>( _intervencoes );
 set {
   _intervencoes = new List<Intervencao>( value );
   Contract.Assume(_intervencoes != null);
public void ModificaEstado(Intervencao intervencao ){
 //some checks removed
 intervencao.Ocorrencia = this;
//more code removed

public class Intervencao : EntityWithAction, IHasAssignedDomainAction {
//other code remove
internal Ocorrencia Ocorrencia { get; set; }

And here's the mappings (only the important things):

public class IntervencaoMapping: ClassMap<Intervencao> {
public IntervencaoMapping()
    Id(intervencao => intervencao.Id)
    Map(intervencao => intervencao.Guid, "Guid")
    Version(ent => ent.Version)
    References(ent => ent.Action, "IdAccao")
    Map(intervencao => intervencao.TipoEstado, "TipoEstado")
        .CustomTypeIs(typeof (TipoEstado))
    Map(intervencao => intervencao.Observacoes, "Observacoes");
    References(intervencao => intervencao.Ocorrencia, "IdOcorrencias")
public class OcorrenciaMapping: ClassMap<Sra.Ocorrencias.Ocorrencia> {
public OcorrenciaMapping()
    Id(ocorrencia => ocorrencia.Id)
    Map(ocorrencia => ocorrencia.Guid, "Guid")
    Version(ocorrencia => ocorrencia.Version)
    Map(ocorrencia => ocorrencia.Descricao)
    Map(ocorrencia => ocorrencia.Nif, "Nif")
    Map(ocorrencia => ocorrencia.TipoOcorrencia, "TipoOcorrencia")
    Map(ocorrencia => ocorrencia.BalcaoEntrada, "Balcao")

    References(ocorrencia => ocorrencia.Organismo, "IdOrganismos")
    HasMany(ocorrencia => ocorrencia.Intervencoes)

As you can see, Interncao objects are added through the ModificaEstado method which ensures that Ocorrencia reference on Intervencao "points" to a reference of Ocorrencia. Now, how do I test this relationship with the PersistenceSpecification object? I've ended up with the following code:

public void Test() {
using (var session = _factory.GetSession()) {
    using (var tran = session.BeginTransaction()) {

        var accao = CreateAction();

        var organismo = CreateOrganismo();

        var intervencao = CreateIntervencao();
        var intervencoes = new List<Intervencao> {intervencao};

        new PersistenceSpecification<Ocorrencia>(session)
            .CheckProperty(e => e.Nif, _nif)
            .CheckProperty( e =>e.Organismo, organismo)
            .CheckProperty( e => e.Descricao, _descricao)
            .CheckProperty( e => e.TipoOcorrencia, TipoOcorrencia.Processo)
            .CheckList( e => e.Intervencoes, intervencoes)


Since IdOcorrencia is defined as an external key in table Intervencoes, the previous code fails because it tries to insert the intervencoes list with IdOcorrencia set to null. If I remove the external key, then the test works fine, but I believe that I shouldn't be doing that.

I'm probably doing something wrong but I'm not sure on what that is. So, can anyone be kind enough and give me a hint on how to solve this?

thanks guys. Luis

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The problem was that I was using an old version of the fluent nhibernate. recente versions have overrides which let you solve this kind of problem:


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