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Looking to implement Visual Svn but dont have my own server. I could install it locally and run it from my pc but if something happens my pc I lose everything.

So servers out there that provide an svn service or provide visual svn?

EDIT: Professional projects so wont be using google.

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I use ProjectLocker ( It's cheap and the service is good. But there's plenty of hosted subversion providers out there.

Google Code is an good option if you're doing open source.

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look up svn hosting service providers. You can pick one according to your project and team size and the number of projects.

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If your project(s) are open source is a good choice.. otherwise you could find one here

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VisualSVN is just a wrapper product around Subversion. What you are looking for is a hosted Subversion service.

Related questions:

However, if you need only local access to the repository, you could as well set up a local server, and do frequent backups. There are very affordable remote backup providers with whom it is possible to automate the process - probably cheaper (and faster) than remotely hosted SVN.

On the other hand, if you do team work, remotely hosted version control is clearly the way to go.

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