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So I am getting a 500 server error when attempting to bring up a rhtml page in rails. When I start the WEBrick server, I get the welcome to rails homepage. The name of the app is hello. I generated the controller from the command line and it looks like

class HelloController < ApplicationController
def there

I have my view (there.rhtml) in views/hello/there.rhtml. However the http://localhost:3000/hello/there gets a 500 sever error. I am currently running this on a vista box. Any ideas?

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Have you defined the route ? It is defined in routes.rb . Also you can try checking the development logs to see what exactly is the issue .

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thanks, the routes were fine, however after check the development logs turns out was a problem with sqlite3. got it installed working fine thanks –  Anthony Jul 5 '10 at 14:58

could post the error log message? as Nm suggested it can be a route problem and if it is try to add this route in routes.rb file

map.connect '/hello/there', :controller => 'hello', :action => 'there'
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