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I had a problem at first compiling Qt static on windows, QTBUG-11249

When configured with "-no-qt3support", the build completes fine.

i did that and compiled successfully, but i get the same errors when i try to compile my application.

e:\Qt\2010.04-static\qt\lib/libQtGui.a(qapplication.o):qapplication.cpp:(.text+0x8e0f): undefined reference to _imp___Z21qt_call_post_routinesv' e:\Qt\2010.04-static\qt\lib/libQtGui.a(qapplication.o):qapplication.cpp:(.text+0x9443): undefined reference toimpZ21qt_call_post_routinesv' e:\Qt\2010.04-static\qt\lib/libQtGui.a(qapplication.o):qapplication.cpp:(.text+0x9a6b): undefined reference to _imp___Z21qt_call_post_routinesv' e:\Qt\2010.04-static\qt\lib/libQtGui.a(qwhatsthis.o):qwhatsthis.cpp:(.text+0xfc): undefined reference to_imp_Z21qDeleteInEventHandlerP7QObject'

i'm using the mingw version packed with qt, when i use the shared qt dir it works, but when i try to link against the static one it fails.

now i guess it has something to do with -no-qt3support, but i have no idea how to use that in my project.

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Did you find solution for your problem? I'm getting the same undefined reference, because I first added "-no-qt3support" with shared building. After the build was ok, I planned to compile the qt3support module, just for the sake, and seems that compilation is ok, but linking is not. – Joel Jul 30 '15 at 18:41

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