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I posted a free app and I've got a couple users who posted a comment saying that the app force closes in google's feedback. It's got a few hundred downloads in the day it's been up with an 84% retention rate. Google's error report in the developer's console says it has 0 errors. I've never had an app that reported any errors in the console. Does it actually work or am I getting fake reports of force closes? I'm a bit suspicious competitors might be posting the comments, but I don't have any way to confirm that the error reporting google provides does actually work.

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As far as I know, the 'Report' button is only available on devices running FroYo (2.2) or later, which is very few.

At least I've never seen the ability to report an error upon force close.

I don't think there's any reason to assume your users are lying to you. But it's always a good idea to include something in your app that'll allow for the users to submit an error from within the application.


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oh, I didn't realize that reporting only works with 2.2 –  JonF Jul 7 '10 at 2:45

you could use this project http://code.google.com/p/android-remote-stacktrace/ to verify

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