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I am looking to export an existing MySQL database table to seed a MongoDB database.

I would have thought this was a well trodden path, but it appears not to be, as I am coming up blank with a simple MySQLDUMP -> MongoDB JSON converter.

It won't take much effort to code up such a conversion utility.

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MongoVue is a new project that contains a MySQL import: MongoVue. I have not used that feature.

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Thing is however, it is not free. –  dimitko Jan 2 '12 at 18:47
They do have their MySQL import free, is good for one offs. If you need this regularly, and don't want to write a program. Then Talend also made a data connector and is free. –  Amala Jan 3 '12 at 15:33
Besides it is not free, they are targeting Windows OS only –  om-nom-nom May 9 '12 at 11:54

If you're using Ruby, you can also try: Mongify

It will read your mysql database, build a translation file and allow you to map the information.

It supports:

  • Updating internal IDs (to BSON ObjectID)
  • Updating referencing IDs
  • Type Casting values
  • Embedding Tables into other documents
  • Before filters (to change data manually)
  • and much much more...

Read more about it at: http://mongify.com/getting_started.html

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If you are using java you can try this


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If you are Mac user you can use MongoHub which has a built in feature to import (& export) data from MySql databases.

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I've ut a little something up on GitHub - it's not even 80% there but it's growing for work and it might be something other of you could help me out on!


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For a powerful conversion utility, check out Tungsten Replicator

I'm still looking int this one called SQLToNoSQLImporter, which is written in Java.

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