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I need standard command like copy/paste for non-standard control like LineShape (VisualBasic PowerPack Shapes) in custom form designer

Some problem:
1- can't drag drop on form. (but i find way to add it to form by doubleClick or Enter)
2- Copy/Paste does not work.(important)
3- ShowContextMenu does not work. (not important)

I know that LineShape inherit from Compoent and not Control. also it use ToolboxItemAttribute but can't find way to solve my problem. could you please help me.

Thanks in advanced.

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Works fine when I try it in the IDE. I guess you made a mistake in you "custom form designer". Unguessable what kind of mistake that might be. –  Hans Passant Jul 5 '10 at 16:45
yes, i know, but i not do any mistake because use GlobalInvoke method. –  Hamid Jul 6 '10 at 4:12

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