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I am using GeoServer for extracting polygons from shapefile then I use them with OpenLayers JS API and project them on Google maps base layer. All set, everything works fine.

I display 2 WMS layers over Google maps base layer, they looks fine in print preview in all browsers but when I print them

FireFox: Got correct print, all the layers printed correctly. IE/Chrome: only last layer added to map is printed if its not gmap layer.

map.addLayers([gmap, wms1, wms2, vectors]);

here the polygon from wms2 is printed, if I switch them then wms1 is printed and google layer is never printed (even if I put that in last).

Please suggest if you know any workaround or any problem in the way I am doing it. I have already checked advanced option in IE to print image and background but no effect.

Thank you.


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The problem was with 'opacity': 0.80 parameter while getting polygon from both WMS layers.Although I don't know it for sure but it's the problem with printing Opaque images in IE/Chrome.

In case anybody face the same problem, don't use opacity.

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