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currently I am trying to highlight elements on a page. Therefore I pass a comma seperate String to a Javascript-Funktion called highlight.


This was working fine till I found ids with : on the page. So I tried to escape them with a little regex. Here things started to get a little funny.

If I escape the string by replacing : with \: the jQuery-Function does not work anymore.

var string = value.replace(/:/g, "\\\\:");
jQuery("#" + string).css("color", "red");

If I replace main: with "" and write main\: in the jQuery-Function everything works fine.

var string = value.replace(/main:/g, "");
jQuery("#main\\:" + string).css("color", "red");

What am I doing wrong? Why does the jQuery-Function not except my escaped string?

Help needed :-(

Example-Code attached: http://db.tt/0FLRlM

Thanks Jan

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You're double escaping the \ in your first attempt at substitution. What you've done is replace : with \\:, even though you're probably seeing \: when you output it.

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To be explicit, use var string = value.replace(/:/g, "\\:"); –  Brock Adams Jul 5 '10 at 19:06
Your the man! :-) You made my day. Thanks allot! –  JPM Jul 6 '10 at 7:51

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