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How can I communicate with a process using anonymous pipes in Ruby?

The process in question is supposed to stay there and listen for commands from stdin. I'd also like to read it's output, which is separated by "\r\n".

Using Open3 from the standard library:

@stdin, @stdout, @stderr, @thr = Open3.popen3(cmd)

The problem with this is that the process is started, and then ruby quits, taking the process with it.

How can I keep the process running in a thread in the background while other parts of my program, such as the GUI, run and determine which messages to send to it?

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Is the cmd in question a long-running process that you expect to run at least as long as your application? The matter of keeping your foreground process from exiting is surely a matter for your application, no? Why is it exiting? –  bjg Jul 5 '10 at 20:19
bjg is right. You will need to give your program something to do if you don't want it to quit. If you wanted to have your program wait for the process to exit, use open4 (somewhere on the internet) and Process.wait. –  Adrian Jul 5 '10 at 22:33

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