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I'm using DOMi ( http://domi.sourceforge.net ) to create XML from arrays.

But I don't know how to create attributes in these XML (in arrays, so these attributes appear in the XML). How can I construct these arrays so I can get some tags with attributes after the convertion?

Thank you!

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If you know another method, without DOMi, you can answer too! –  Paulocoghi Jul 5 '10 at 20:33

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Looking at the source code, apparently you pass the second argument "attributes" to attachToXml:

public function attachToXml($data, $prefix, &$parentNode = false) {
    if(!$parentNode) {
        $parentNode = &$this->mainNode;
    // i don't like how this is done, but i can't see an easy alternative
    // that is clean. if the prefix is attributes, instead of creating
    // a node, just put all of the data onto the parent node as attributes
    if(strtolower($prefix) == 'attributes') {
        // set all of the attributes onto the node
        foreach($data as $key=>$val)
            $parentNode->setAttribute($key, $val);

        $node = &$parentNode;
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Wow! That's exactly what I was looking for! –  Paulocoghi Jul 6 '10 at 12:44

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