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for example , i have node with title 'services & containers' , drupal path or path_auto module will turn that title into a url string 'services-and-containers'.

I have looked up node, path, path_auto module, and did not found any function turns title into url.

could any one tells me which function, drupal used to to that?

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It's not a function, its the combined functionality of Token, Path, and Pathauto modules.

There is 'a' function, but it's not automatic:


Why not just use Pathauto?

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The function in pathauto module that handles the alias creation is http://drupalcontrib.org/api/function/pathauto_create_alias/6

If you want to change the way the alias is created, assuming that you use pathauto, you can set different options on admin/build/path/pathauto (assuming drupal6)

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