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Strange happenings in WPF... When I set the event to MouseUp I can get it to fire when I right-click the button. But this won't fire with either click!

               <Button MouseLeftButtonUp="btnNewConfig_MouseUp"  Name="btnNewConfig">
                    <StackPanel Orientation="Horizontal">
                        <Image Source="Icons\new.ico" Height="24" Width="24" Margin="5"/>
                        <TextBlock VerticalAlignment="Center">New</TextBlock>

I know this is most likely something simple. Thanks for the help!

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Looks like Button control is eating up that event Since Button.Click is actually a combination of LeftButtonDown event and LeftButtonUp event.

But you can subscribe to the Tunnelled event PreviewMouseLeftButtonUp on the Button to get LeftButtonUp

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Why thank you. I knew it had to be something easy as pie. –  Adam Driscoll Nov 25 '08 at 18:02

Button is using the MouseLeft/RightButtonUp/Down events (and marking them as "Handled") for its Button.Click events.

As Jobi said, you can use the PreviewMouseLeftButtonUp event, but I want to suggest that you create your own button template and modify its behavior. (i.e. not mark the MouseLeftButtonUp as Handled = true) or simply use something else than a button as your parent container. (Depends on what you really need it for).

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