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I am using jquery-keyfilter plugin to mask textbox inputs. However the textboxes are added to the page dynamically and I cannot figure out how to apply the key filter to them.

I have tried

$('#myelement').live('keyfilter', myFunction );


$('#myelement').live('keyfilter', /regex/);

Kai: comment helps, but it seems my problem is still not solved

I want a keyfilter like this


that will only accept currency/money values but it seems like jquery-keyfilter does not work with this regex. Is this something I am doing wrong or should I look at using another plugin or just code it myself?

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Ok seems like keyfilter needs the entire string to match so my above regex will not work if I start typing $. So I had to end up with this regex /[\d\$\,\.]/ which allows only certain characters but they can be entered in any order. This will do until I write a function to do exactly what I need –  Daveo Jul 6 '10 at 4:20

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"keyfilter" is not an event and you can NOT use live().
According to API of the plugin, it should be

$('#myelement').keyfilter(function(c) { return c != 'a'; }); 

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Thank you I did not realise you can only use live for events –  Daveo Jul 6 '10 at 4:08

Below solution works for non-first character

$("#myelement").live("keypress", function(){  

Below solution works for input field already clicked

$("#myelement").live("click", function(){    
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This does not work see here jsbin.com/esezi/edit it will not allow me to enter a $ sign by itself or a comma test it here yourself regexr.com?2rqsu I have it working now for key entry using /[\d\$\,\.]/ and I just use jQuery validation plugin with the final regex for when the field loses focus. Sure I could write a regex to do exactly what I want on keypress but eh. It would be too long and nasty to maintain –  Daveo Jul 22 '10 at 3:12

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