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How to create a sub container in the azure storage location.

Please let us know

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Windows Azure doesn't provide the concept of heirarchical containers, but it does provide a mechanism to traverse heirarchy by convention and API. All containers are stored at the same level. You can gain simliar functionality by using naming conventions for your blob names.

For instance, you may create a container named "content" and create blobs with the following names in that container:



Note that these blobs are a flat list against your "content" container. That said, using the "/" as a conventional delimiter, provides you with the functionality to traverse these in a heirarchical fashion.

protected IEnumerable<IListBlobItem> 
          GetDirectoryList(string directoryName, string subDirectoryName)
    CloudStorageAccount account =
    CloudBlobClient client = 
    CloudBlobDirectory directory = 
    CloudBlobDirectory subDirectory = 

    return subDirectory.ListBlobs();

You can then call this as follows:

GetDirectoryList("content/blue", "images")

Note the use of GetBlobDirectoryReference and GetSubDirectory methods and the CloudBlobDirectory type instead of CloudBlobContainer. These provide the traversal functionality you are likely looking for.

This should help you get started. Let me know if this doesn't answer your question:

[ Thanks to Neil Mackenzie for inspiration ]

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Please be aware that as of SDK version 2.0 the GetBlobDirectoryReference bit doesn't work. Instead, we can use the following: CloudBlobContainer container = cloudBlobClient.GetContainerReference(directoryName); CloudBlobDirectory subDirectory = container.GetDirectoryReference(subDirectoryName); etc... – Knelis Apr 4 '13 at 12:18
Is there a PHP implementation of this concept? – Vaibhav Kaushal Dec 20 '14 at 11:03

Are you referring to blob storage? If so, the hierarchy is simply StorageAccount/Container/BlobName. There are no nested containers.

Having said that, you can use slashes in your blob name to simulate nested containers in the URI. See this article on MSDN for naming details.

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I aggree with tobint answer and I want to add something this situation because I also I need the same way upload my games html to Azure Storage with create this directories :

  • Games\Beautyshop\index.html
  • Games\Beautyshop\assets\apple.png
  • Games\Beautyshop\assets\aromas.png
  • Games\Beautyshop\customfont.css
  • Games\Beautyshop\jquery.js

So After your recommends I tried to upload my content with tool which is Azure Storage Explorer and you can download tool and source code with this url : Azure Storage Explorer

First of all I tried to upload via tool but It doesn't allow to hierarchical directory upload because you don't need : How to create sub directory in a blob container

Finally, I debug Azure Storage Explorer source code and I edited Background_UploadBlobs method and UploadFileList field in StorageAccountViewModel.cs file. You can edit it what you wants.I may have made spelling errors :/ I am so sorry but That's only my recommend.

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