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i have a problem,,i try to make a table using datatable...i've been download from datatable.net.. but the data grid not show...just the table head (thead)... where is my fault??

<table cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" border="0" class="display" id="datalist">
                 <th>Line </th>
                 <th>Model </th>
                 <th>Serial </th>
                 <th>NIK </th>
       <tbody> </tbody>

       var oTable;
       oTable = $("#datalist").dataTable({
             "bRetrieve"  : true,
             "bServerSide": true,
             "bProcessing": true,
             "sAjaxSource": 'showlist.php',
             "aaSorting"  : [[1,"desc"]],
             "aoColumns"  : [
                             /*Line*/  null,
                             /*Model*/ null,
                             /*NIK*/   null

at firebug not show error and at post response show result:

               ["FA 04","KW-XC555UD","123X0098","12345"],
               ["FA 05","KD-R435UHD","113X0057","12345"],
               ["FA 11","kd-r411uhd","115x0021","12345"],
               ["FA 04","kw-xc406hund","105x1101","12345"],
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code please!.... you are not new to SO, you know, we can't say, "Oh your fault is there!", when we can't point at anything at all... –  Reigel Jul 6 '10 at 7:09
sorry,,i'm late to post my code.. –  klox Jul 6 '10 at 7:13
are you using this one?datatables.net/examples/server_side/server_side.html if yes, please try to check in firebug if showlist.php is returning something... –  Reigel Jul 6 '10 at 7:17
at firebug not show error and at post response show the result from DB..look at my answer.. –  klox Jul 6 '10 at 7:20
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I look at the xhr returned value (of the sample) and it turned out has a pattern like this,

{"sEcho": 1, "iTotalRecords": 57, "iTotalDisplayRecords": 57, "aaData": [ ["Gecko", ....

try it in yours and let see if it fixes it...

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is this code are put at showlist.php? –  klox Jul 6 '10 at 7:46
that JSON is what the sample page returned in their php... your showlist.php must also return something like that... you can see how to do that here datatables.net/examples/server_side/server_side.html –  Reigel Jul 6 '10 at 7:58
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i've been use this code:

$rResultTotal = mysql_query( $sQuery) or _doError(_ERROR30 . ' (<small>' . htmlspecialchars($sql) . '</small>): ' . mysql_error() );  // submit SQL to MySQL an$
        $aResultTotal = mysql_fetch_array($rResultTotal);
        $iTotal = $aResultTotal[0];

        $sOutput = '{';
        $sOutput .= '"sEcho": '.intval($_POST['sEcho']).', ';
        $sOutput .= '"iTotalRecords": '.$iTotal.', ';
        $sOutput .= '"iTotalDisplayRecords": '.$iFilteredTotal.', ';
        $sOutput .= '"aaData": [ ';
        while ( $aRow = mysql_fetch_array( $rResult ) )
                $sOutput .= "[";
                $sOutput .= '"'.addslashes($aRow['Line']).'",';
                $sOutput .= '"'.addslashes($aRow['Model']).'",';
                $sOutput .= '"'.addslashes($aRow['Serial_number']).'",';
                $sOutput .= '"'.addslashes($aRow['NIK']).'"';
                $sOutput .= "],";
        $sOutput = substr_replace( $sOutput, "", -1 );
        $sOutput .= '] }';

        echo $sOutput;
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I've had similar problem and decided it by this way:

  1. downloaded new version of datatables-1.7 from this site (http://datatables.net); if this wil not help -
  2. try to look through your data in table of your database which you trying to use with datatables. Use any utulity for manipulating with databases. Pay attention to records if there are any wrong symbols in the ends of data in some cells like symbols of paragraph etc. If any - try to remove them from data. Then it must work. Good luck.
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sometimes after download datatable files become corrupted.i'm using "1.6".after that i redownload that files.and my project can work normally. –  klox Aug 21 '10 at 9:58
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