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I installed PIL. I can import PIL (with no error message)

Then I ran the code mentioned here:


And I get this error message:

IOError: decoder jpeg not available

I understand this is Library called libjpeg and (?) it should be installed already. Or is it part of PIL? Where is it installed if so? And if not where can I download it?

What I would like to achieve (and seem to run in one problem after the other), would be simply explainable as a Webgallery which I than want to tweak. But first I need Django to get images from the MEDIA_ROOT and display them in the browser when somebody calls a URL. And then I need one button (Next).

And if Christmas and Easter will fall on the same day I want to get the timestamp of that button click.

I thought that would be a breeze. But now I am in a storm of libjpeg and PIL an Tkinter and Models and photologue and ImageField() and.

If anybody has done that (I guess any simple Image display on a Blog) I would be very very glad to hear this expierence.

I somehow cant understand the standard way to do this and every time I think I have the solution, there is some library missing or it is slightly not what I was looking for.

Thanks for the time!

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I wrote an article on how to get libjpeg, PIL to work on Snow Leopard.


Hope you might find this handy

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Thats exactly what I needed: Thanks a million. –  MacPython Jul 12 '10 at 7:13

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