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Any good converter for GB, Big5, Unicode?

Convert GB to Unicode, Unicode to GB, Big5 to Unicode, Unicode to Big5, GB to Big5.

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Short answer: Yes Longer answer: As to which those are will depend on your language of choice. What are your language / platform / price / license requirements? Do you need a library or is a standalone app preferred? –  HanClinto Nov 25 '08 at 19:10

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iconv should be able to do the job. It's part of the GNU C Library.

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I recommand to use from Unicode Converter provided by codeplex at http://unicode.codeplex.com it is free and open source software with GNU 2.0 License.

this application convert a char or a sring to Hxcde or Decimal and gives you a complete information about each char, you can create a unicode text by provided editor and change your sentense at any time,

really a good and usefull app

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If it's a converting tool that you need, you can try:


Really useful to me, it does GB/BIG5/UNICODE.

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Check out ICU, the International Components for Unicode. Most likely you will find what you need there.

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iconv can handle these.

  • Convert GB to Unicode
  • Unicode to GB
  • Big5 to Unicode
  • Unicode to Big5

But not

  • GB to Big5.

It is expected many missing characters.

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