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Does anyone knows how can I configure inst2xsd to generate int and not byte (nor short)?
I use the -simple-content-types smart (default) option.

see also their online docs.

10x, asaf :-)

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Posting my solution, due to the high demand:


inst2xsd -outDir xsd -outPrefix mySchema my.xml


scomp -compiler "path_to\javac" -src mySrcDir -out lib\mySchema.jar xsd\mySchema.xsd xsdconfig\my.xsdconfig

Ant target:

<target name="xbean">
    <exec executable="cmd" dir="xbean">
        <arg value="/c"/>
        <arg value="generateXSD.bat"/>
        <arg value="-p"/>
    <replace file="xbean/xsd/mySchema.xsd" summary="yes">
        <replacefilter token="xs:byte" value="xs:int"/>
        <replacefilter token="xs:short" value="xs:int"/>
    <exec executable="cmd" dir="xbean">
        <arg value="/c"/>
        <arg value="compile.bat"/>
        <arg value="-p"/>

Now back to me. I'm on a horse.

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