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i wanna use to subsonic 3.0.4 but i dont know, how can i start to generate class and use to new Template of T4. example: create new solution for generating to table's class and add to my project. ?? thanks

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You can use it with asp.net, linq and mysql.

You need to follow the procedure shown here.

  • Add a Reference to SubSonic
  • Add a Connection String - Use MySQL Conn. String
  • Set The Connection In The Templates - Update templates and include MySQL.ttinclude instead of SQLServer.ttinclude.
  • Add the T4 Templates To Your Project
  • Querying - Then you can use your Linq Queries

I think if you follow that link, you will be able to use Subsonic ActiveRecord.

First just checkout The 5 Minute Demo - ActiveRecord.

Then follow: Using ActiveRecord Document

Demo shows how to use subsonic active record and more configuration is available in docs.

You can find some other docs here.

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Thanks, I mean, Im gonna start to asp.net application and i dont wanna work with mvc. Yes, i wanna use to Linq but doesnt depend on Mvc. In first time, i need to generate my class of db's structure. and also im gonna use to mysql. which step i have to start? –  hedecan Jul 6 '10 at 8:22
@hedecan - Checkout updated answer. –  Krunal Jul 6 '10 at 9:10

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