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What is the equivalent to removeMovieClip() in AS3?

Apparently many have the same question:

  1. How to completely remove a movieclip in as3
  2. Remove movie clip as3
  3. How to remove childmovieclip and add to new parent movieclip


  1. removeMovieClip(this) in AS3?
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But none of their solutions seem to work, for me:

Im working on flash CS4 with AS3:

I have a very simple movie with a single button called click. On pressing the button, a new instance of coin is created:

function justclick(e:MouseEvent){
    var money=new coin

It might not be the best code, but it works fine. Now, the coin MovieClip is supposed to show a small animation and remove itself. In good old AS2 I would have added:


in the last frame of the animation. But this doesn't exist in AS3.
I have tried, without success:

this.parent.removeChild(this) // 'Cannot access a property or method of nullobject reference'...     

this.removeMovieClip() // 'removeMovieClip is not a function'      

removeMovieClip(this) //'call to possibly undefined method removeMovieClip'       

unloadMovie(this)//'call to possibly undefined method removeMovieClip'       



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This one should be working; it's what I use. One problem I had when I switched to AS3 is that sometimes it wouldn't be added as a child right, so you might want to check that. You also have to import flash.display via putting this at the top if you're not already:

import flash.display.*

You should also remove the event listener on it before removing it.

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Thanks, it was about the event listeners. Now it works perfectly. BTW what is ´import flash.display.*´ for? –  Skuge Jul 7 '10 at 17:43
It lets you use functions from the classes inside of the display package that comes with flash. btw, if someone solves your problem you should accept that answer. ;) –  Ullallulloo Jul 7 '10 at 18:54
Also, just import flash.display.MovieClip would work. –  Ullallulloo May 10 '12 at 19:12

If your animation is ending on frame 20.

note: using 19 because flash count frames from zero(0) similar to array index.

class animatedCloud

    public function animatedCloud(){
        addFrameScript(19, frame20);

    private function frame20(){
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Always ensure that those self removing movieclips can get garbage collected. This solution wiped away all my instances from a loaded swf's library symbol:

var mc:MovieClip = new definition() as MovieClip;

mc.x = 1000 * Math.random();
mc.y = 1000 * Math.random();

mc.addFrameScript(mc.totalFrames - 1, function onLastFrame():void
    mc = null;
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public static function removeDisplayObject(displayObject:DisplayObject):void {
    /* normal code
    if(displayObject && displayObject.parent){
    displayObject ? displayObject.parent ? displayObject.parent.removeChild(displayObject) : null : null;
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