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I am new to shell scripting.

I want to know is there a way in which I can get a difference of two strings or values of two variables.

There are two variables:

value1 = "alok"  
value2 = "kumar alok"

so I want to get a result as

result = value1~value2

my expected result is


is there any way I can do it?

can someone help me or give me some suggestions in the way it can be done...



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What about "aaa bbb ccc ddd" vs. "aaa ccc"? How advanced do you want your difference to be? – Lasse V. Karlsen Jul 6 '10 at 8:55
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here's a simple way with awk

value2="kumar alok"
awk -v v1="$value1" -v v2="$value2" 'BEGIN{
  if(length(v2) >= length(v1)){
    print v2

$ ./
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Thanks Alok.Kr. – Kumar Alok Jul 6 '10 at 13:57

probably you need to have a look at this

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As Lasse V.Karlsen says, it depends a lot on exactly what you want to get in different circumstances, but you could try the following:

result=`comm -3 <(for i in $value1; do echo $i; done | sort) \
                <(for i in $value2; do echo $i; done | sort)`

This will give you all words that are in either value1 or value2, but not both. Change the -3 to -12 to get all words in value2 that are not in value1 (i.e. leaving out any words only in value1.)

For example:

value2="kumar alok"
result=`comm -3 <(for i in $value1; do echo $i; done | sort) <(for i in $value2;  do echo $i; done | sort)`
echo $result


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