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I have two Visual Studio 2008 projects which are in the same solution.
How can I add a Web Reference to project A so that project B doesn't see it?

  • Project A needs web reference to WebService1
  • Project B shouldn't be able to see A.WebService1.* but needs reference to project A
  • I don't want to manually modify the generated classes for WebService1 in project A
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Well for Web Referece I didnn't find any appropriate solution. Anyway for Service Reference click on 'Configure Service Reference...' you can set this reference as internal.

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add reference of project A to project B, I think that's a short cut if you are not using web sites

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That's what I already do. Project B needs to use some of the features of project A. But project B shouldn't see anything from the namespace A.WebService1. – Marc Jul 6 '10 at 14:23

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