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I use Vim's spell checking to validate texts in Russian. We have letter ё in our alphabet which is often replaced with simple е. So, for example, word ёжик из written as ежик. It is a bad tone actually. Its like using - (hyphen) where — (em-dash) is required, like using "computer" quotes forgetting about existence of „typographic” «quotes», etc.

The bad thing is that spell dictionary for Vim composed out of simplified words with all ёs, replaced with еs. So I always get an error in a word with ё.

So the question, is there any hook I can use that will allow me to normalize a word just before it will be spell checked? Or maybe someone has a better idea? Thanks.


With the hint from @sarnold, I found the solution. One should use ru_yo locale instead of ru_ru if he wants ёёёёё

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Is not Russian second level typographic quotes „“ instead of „”? – ZyX Jul 6 '10 at 11:35
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My first thought when reading your post was to suggest using zg to add the word to the spellfile; after a few weeks you'll have a lot of them. Not ideal, but simple.

:help spell-russian lists several different spelling variations, would one of these help?

I also notice in :help spell.txt that there are options for downloading your own spellfiles from OpenOffice or to automate building spellfiles.

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Oh yeah! All is simpler than I thought. Looking at :help spell-russian I discovered that there is ru_yo locale along with ru_ru. It is ё-friendly, this is exactly what I need. – nailxx Jul 6 '10 at 11:16

I would recommend you to use your own spell checking for vim. Use a method #2 explained here

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Can't understand how it could help me. Do you suggest to auto-correct good spelling to bad spelling? I'm trying to avoid this and preserve spell checking functionality at the same time. – nailxx Jul 6 '10 at 9:45

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