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I am interested to develop iPhone applications Using PhoneGap.

PhoneGap is an Open-source development tool,by Nitobi team using HTML,CSS and JS. The main use of PhoneGap is for making webApps to look like a native iPhone applications. As i googled, i found the below one, to start the application.

But, I was strucked at creating a new PhoneGap project. I found none of the articles regarding it. I didnot understand how to create a HTML & JS files to include in PhoneGap application & its deployment.

Can anyOne Of you give me, the complete idea about PhoneGap application development for iPhone..

Thank You so much,


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This question is related, but it only compares the various iPhone web technologies frameworks:… – Brad Larson Jul 6 '10 at 17:43

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The Phonegap wiki has a good step by step tutorial on how to build and create a demo app. If you are still having problems, the google group is very active and quiet friendly as well as a relatively active IRC channel (Server:, Channel: #phonegap).

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Kris, Thanks for the information. I have gone through your suggestions.In the tutorial, they copied the application from somewhere and tested using PhoneGap. I want to know ,how the application(Kilo, used in demo) is developed... and phonegap application it having any server inside its design.Do we have any way to have a look on that?If yes, could you explain, what actually be done at the time of compiling& Debugging.. Can you please help me.... – Ramya Jul 7 '10 at 3:03
Don't quite understand what you are asking. No, for things like Kilo you do not need a server, its all done in HTML and Javascript. Develop your application in Safari with a text editor (read the entire book you linked to and things will be much clearer). – Kris Erickson Jul 7 '10 at 4:08
Kris, i asked you about phoneGap architecure & flow of execution. i came to know that jQTouch is used with phoneGap for javascript.How we can create html files using PhoneGap? Please, push me out. – Ramya Jul 7 '10 at 10:38
You create your html files as you would for a normal website (using whatever html editor you like). You then copy them into the www directory in your phonegap application. Then you build your XCode project. – Kris Erickson Jul 7 '10 at 14:21
Thank you kris, i did it. we use any server-side language either PHP or make web apps.Right?. i knew that for phonegap, jQTouch can be used to access server-side data using AJAX code. is it required to download jQTouch separately ,after phonegap installation? will the jQTOuch has any API for creating JS files.For Ex: If application is a log-in page,when user enters his account details, it has to check with server. where can i do this using PhoneGap. Waiting for your suggestions... – Ramya Jul 8 '10 at 5:26

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