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I'm trying to turn some text to Hyperlink while a user is typing in WPF RichTextBox.

My first attempt at it involves running this code at each KeyUp:

Regex r = new Regex("[A-Z]{3}");
FlowDocument doc = this.inputBox.Document;            
String text = new TextRange(doc.ContentStart, doc.ContentEnd).Text;

foreach (Match m in r.Matches(text))
    TextPointer start = doc.ContentStart.GetPositionAtOffset(m.Index + 2);                
    TextPointer end = doc.ContentStart.GetPositionAtOffset(m.Index + m.Length + 2);
    Hyperlink sp = new Hyperlink(start, end);

This runs correctly the first time a user enters a sequence of 3 capital letters, ABC, but hyperlink creation fails with an exception when a second sequence is entered. Looking at the variable while debugging, it appears that the two TextPointers keep pointing at the first sequence.

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I think your problem might be due to a common misunderstanding of what the GetPositionAtOffset() method does.

GetPositionAtOffset returns the offset within the FlowDocument markup, not the visible text character offset.

After you insert your first hyperlink, the FlowDocument contains opening and closing tags:


This means that the FlowDocument offsets no longer align with the plain text character indexes returned by the RegEx match.

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