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I have a Domain class with a custom Id mapping

String ensemblGeneId
    String ensemblTranscriptId
    String ensemblProteinId
    String proteinSequence
    String topologySequence
    String topologyRatio
    String description
    String geneName


    static mapping = {
        proteinSequence type:'text'
        topologySequence type:'text'    
        description type:'text' 
        id name:'ensemblProteinId', generator:'assigned'    

i have a problem making this work with the searchable plugin

i add the following to the class

    static searchable = {
    id name:'ensemblProteinId'
    except = ['topologySequence','proteinSequence']


I receive the following error after the data insert is completed

2010-07-06 13:35:08,091 [http-8080-1] ERROR errors.GrailsExceptionResolver  - Id with path [$/Protein/id] for alias [Protein] not found
org.compass.core.engine.SearchEngineException: Id with path [$/Protein/id] for alias [Protein] not found

it seems like it still tries to find a column named id instead of a column named ensemblProteinId.

is the searchable plugin supposed to work with custom id columns, if so what am i doing wrong?

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There does appear to be an issue with custom domain ids and the searchable plugin. As a work around you can map the class using the compass annotations documented here:


and here:


So your class looks something like:

import org.compass.annotations.*
class Test {
    String sampleId

    String sampleValue

    static mapping = {
        id name:'sampleId', generator: 'assigned'

I'd also enable the debugging in your config.groovy by adding the lines

 debug  'grails.app',

to your log4j configuration block(you may need to remove the 'org.codehaus.groovy.grails.plugins' line from the error block!) This will let you see the compass mappings the plugin is producing.


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