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When I have 2 set of nodes with same element name for ex :


Normally I'd use //contacts/names to get the node, but how do I do if they have the same name how do I get second or first or nth?

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Good question (+1). See my answer for a complete solution and explanation of what to avoid. :) – Dimitre Novatchev Jul 6 '10 at 13:27
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You can do this to get the first and/or second specifically:

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Use //contacts/names[n] to get the nth names node. For example: //contacts/names[1] gets the first names node while //contacts/names[2] gets the second names node, etc.

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For the provided XML document use:


the above selects the first names element.


the above selects the second names element.

Try to avoid using the // abbreviation as much as possible, because it is usually grossly inefficient, causes all the (sub)tree roted in the context node to be traversed.

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