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I have an Linear Layout inside the View Flipper. When i fling/swipe the layout the same layout reloads the same layout with the animations slide_left_out and slide_right_in. I just have only one layout view. it has the values the image view and text view. When i swipe the view it just change the next value to that views. Any Idea?

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How did you add the swipe/fling functionality? In other words, when the screen is "flung", that's where your code has to come in and "flip" the viewflipper to a different layout.

AFAIK There isn't a built-in way to fling the viewflipper without having to write some code to handle the fling and manually change the viewflipper layout (index).


Basic Gesture Detection

Flipping Views using ViewVlipper.setDisplayedChild()

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can you explain with some example code? – Praveen Jul 6 '10 at 19:18
That part of my code is copywritten but I added two links with detailed samples (possibly better than my own code :) – Brad Hein Jul 7 '10 at 12:39

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