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I'm looking for an example of a 'device ring', somewhat like the one used in Live Mesh (anything in a ring will do) in XAML (WPF/Silverlight). Preferably with demo code or open-source so I can have a look at how things work under the cover. Other animations, like resizing of the elements if they move around the ring, are a nice extra, but are not necessary.

I'm pretty sure quite a few people are looking for this kind of functionality (let's think about showing books, movies, ...), but somehow I can't really find any good examples. Any good pointers to examples are much appreciated.

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In Silverlight 4, you would use the new PathListBox control. .toolbox has a good tutorial.

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Looks really nice. Pretty sure we can make something of that. +1 I'll leave it open for a bit longer to see if there are any other possibilities for SL3. –  Bart Jul 6 '10 at 19:15

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