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I previously used to copy Python/Perl scripts to access from my bash script. Duplication is not a good idea I know! Is there a way to call them from bin or libs folder that we have set up?

For instance :

  • My python script resides in /home/ThinkCode/libs/python/script.py

  • My bash script resides in /home/ThinkCode/NewProcess/ProjectA/run.sh

  • Now I want to use/call script.py from run.sh

Thank you!

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Just do python /path/to/my/python/script.py.

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In a bash script, you execute programs the same way you do from the bash command prompt.


If this doesn't launch the script directly, you may need to add python to the beginning (like this: python /home/ThinkCode/libs/python/script.py) and/or ensure that the script is executable (with chmod +x /home/ThinkCode/libs/python/script.py).

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Make this the first line of your python script (bash will then know this is a python script and it should be run with python):

#/usr/bin/env python

EDIT: my bad, it should be #!/usr/bin/env python not #!/usr/bin/python. It is better to do it this way.

Then chmod your script with u+x (if not a+x).

Now your python script works as an executable. Your bash script, then, can call it like you'd call any executable.

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