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Is it possible to define a namespace parameter when defining my routes, like this:

resource :account, :namespace => :account do
    resources :comments

So /account/comment calls Account::CommentsController instead of just CommentsController. Just as a note, the :namespace-option above does NOT seem to work.

I can of course just add :controller => 'account/comments' to the comments resources, but having a lot of nested resources, this is not very DRY.

Is there better way?

Thanks guys - you rock!

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Okay, after some digging around I seem to have found a solution:

resource :account, :controller => 'account' do
    scope :module => 'account' do
        resources :comments

This results in:

/account/comments being linked to Account::CommentsController while still being able to acccess the regular CRUD-methods using /account

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Is this the cleaner way to do is? It should be another way. Anyway, thanks for this – Tony Apr 11 '13 at 13:14

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