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in this example on geometry.js page i found saveData function that save "info" to arrays and JSON data format (not working), if I alert(record.type); i get "point" or "polilyne" according th object i've clicked, if i alert record.title output the title very right, but when i alert record.coordinates the output is undifined...

i just need to identify the "place" whre are saved the coordinates...

thanks, regards

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This looks like a v2 question. Your tag is incorrect. – CrazyEnigma Jul 21 '10 at 14:06
yup, definitely v2 – chrismarx Dec 8 '10 at 21:24

Can you post a link to your page? As for where the geometries are stored, each control added to the page (markers, lines, polygons) has its own storage array, for example from the polygoncontrol.js = [/*array of GeometryControls#beans#Geometry*/]

and if you look at the defintion of the GeometryControls#beans, you'd see


    this.type = p.type;

    this.geometry = p.geometry;

    this.title = p.title || ["",""];

    this.description = p.description || ["",""];


the actual coordinates are serialized right in the GeometryControls.prototype.saveData

 //determine geometry type, and copy geometry appropriately

    if(record.type === "point"){


    } else {

      var vertex;

      for(var i=0;i<record.geometry.getVertexCount();i++){

        vertex = record.geometry.getVertex(i);



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