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I have recently inherited an old c++ project built in visual studio 2003 that consists of a lot of code that looks like this:

for(int i=7;i<40;i++)
    title[i] = ' ';

However, since I do not have VS2003, I installed 2008 and now I am running into a lot of compilation errors due to i being an undeclared identifier since its out of scope. I am a complete novice to visual studio, how do I configure my project so it uses whatever compatible c++ compiler for 2003 so I can build the project and see what the heck its supposed to do.

@Kirill V. Lyadvinsky

Yes, I do plan to fix the code, however, I'd like to have a base version that I can use to test against in case I mess something up since the person who wrote this is now retired (thankfully)

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You could use an option /Zc:forScope (Force Conformance in for Loop Scope). Switch it off as in the picture below. But I'd strongly recommend to fix the code so it will be conformant with current C++ Standard.


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+1 for the picture. –  Thomas Matthews Jul 6 '10 at 18:44

/Zc:forscope- is what you seem to be looking for.

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