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I've had a good search for this on here and can't find a solution.

I have a TextView in a RelativeLayout which contains an integer number. The number will range between 1 and 99 - can anyone tell me how to size the TextView so that its width is always the width of the string "99" even if it only contains "1"?

I need this because the positions of the components to the right of this TextView depend on its width, so all are position depending on how many digits the TextView contains.

I don't mind if this is done in XML or code - I just want to avoid having to set the width of a TextView in pixels!

Thanks for any possible solutions; Please ask if I've missed out any important info!

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try this:

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Thanks, that looks like a good 'un! –  If This Is Art Jul 5 '11 at 11:34

Ems works if your font is monospace. For proportional fonts, you want it the width of two '0's, not two 'm's. You can fall back to TextPaint.measureText like so:

float measureText = zip.getPaint().measureText("00000");
zip.setWidth(zip.getPaddingLeft() + zip.getPaddingRight() + (int) measureText);
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Works like magic! Thanks a lot for sharing this code snippet. :) –  Anne Lagang May 27 at 2:34

Use android:maxLength attribute of TextView.Please read this

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Hi, thanks for your answer, but it's a minimum length I really needed. :-) –  If This Is Art Jul 5 '11 at 11:35

I think you're looking for the getTextBounds() method in the Paint class. Didn't try it myself tho.

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