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I am learning JSSpec. Here's my problem.

In this code :

describe("Buttons' events", {

'when I click on a button with an id of #b1...': function() {

'...then URL should have a parameter b with the value someURL1 and a parameter ui with the value 527bd5b5d689e2c32ae974c6229ff785), because #b1\'s class is .testme': function() {

I don't understand where the value 527bd5b5d689e2c32ae974c6229ff785 in observer.URLforTests_lg).should_match(/ui=527bd5b5d689e2c32ae974c6229ff785/); comes from. I have looked for this String on my project but I don't find where it is defined (if so).

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1 Answer

Resolved: 527bd5b5d689e2c32ae974c6229ff785 is just the md5 code for john, which is in the project configuration files.

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