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is there any way to "listen" to when a function of a dll is called?

I would like to know what functions of a dll is called and the parameters etc....

is it possible?


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Please specify your OS. I guess you are looking for an ltrace for Windows. –  ninjalj Jul 6 '10 at 18:35
yes, windows... thanks! –  Bruno Jul 6 '10 at 18:36
do you have the source code of that DLL? if yes, what compiler are you using? –  jdehaan Jul 6 '10 at 18:51
no.. I don't have the source code... all I know is that it was compiled with vc++ –  Bruno Jul 6 '10 at 18:52

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Check out WinApiOverride32. This is a really powerful monitor, with support of COM and .NET and easily customizable (you can monitor DLL internal functions as well). Also, you can write a custom DLL to override some APIs called by the target.

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If you want to "listen" to WinAPI (assuming) calls (for example user32.dll, gdi32.dll, etc.) made by 3rd party programs, you want to hook (detour) those calls. If this is the case, I suggest you to visit EasyHook project page.

Also, remember you need some sort of IPC method between the two processes. Boost's message_queue has been proven to be quite handy.

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thaks, but it's not for winapi... it's for a custom made dll –  Bruno Jul 6 '10 at 19:15

There is one great debugger that might help you out: OllyDbg.

It is quite tedious to use but with no source in the hands, it is something quite useful.

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And it is free, I forgot to mention it. –  jdehaan Jul 6 '10 at 19:41

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