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I have some files inside a jar which I would like to access in Java using a File object rather than as a stream. Is it possible to do this?

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Any particular reason why it has to be a File, and not a stream? – limc Jul 6 '10 at 18:45

Look at JarFile.

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He said "using a File object rather than as a stream". I don't particularly understand why, but your solution gives him the stream he didn't want. – Alan Krueger Jul 6 '10 at 19:28 is an abstraction from os specific handling of files. If you use in your code, the code should run on all Java platforms.

The Jar is not a os file system. So it makes no sense to apply from the Java core classes.

I don't want to say it is not possible. Maybe it has sense for certain application and there is a library for that kind of abstraction.

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A .jar file is a .zip file so I would try looking for ZIP libraries that provide a File abstraction. (After I gave up advocating for the Stream route.) – Chris Nava Jul 6 '10 at 19:47

You can also access it as a URL with a "jar:" prefix, but that's not a File object either, so I guess that doesn't meet the restriction.

Why do you have to access it as a File? This seems like asking, "Is there any way I can add two numbers without using the plus operator?" Maybe you can, but why do you not want to do it the easy way?

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