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I am following the instruction in the cookbook web site of CakePHP: link text

And got this error:

Undefined variable: paginator [APP/views/post/index.ctp, line 46]

I am not sure if $paginator is a built-in variable in cakePHP 1.26.

In my Controller, I have this:

        $this->set('posts', $this->Site1->find('all', array('conditions'=>array('Post.zero'=>'0'), 'order'=>array('Post.created DESC'), 'limit'=>'3')));

And in the .ctp file, I have this:

       <?php echo $paginator->numbers(); ?>
    echo $paginator->prev('Previous', null, null);
    echo $paginator->next(' Next', null, null);



How do I know if Site1 or Post is not the default Model in a controller?

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This is your code:

$this->paginate = array('order'=>array('Post.created DESC'), 'limit'=>3);
$this->set('posts', $this->paginate(null, array('Post.zero'=>'0')));

If the Site1 is not the default Model in that controller, then use

$this->set('posts', $this->paginate($this->Site1, array('Post.zero'=>'0')));

Try to use bake console - it's much easier instead of wild guessing :)

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How to set the limit value and DESC order in your suggested code, Nik? –  user327712 Jul 7 '10 at 7:41
The first parameter of paginate needs to be a string, e.g. 'Post'. Although it can be null, presumably defaulting to the current model, I never do this, but always specify the modelname as it makes later comprehension of the code far easier, especially with complex controllers. WRT the DESC order, DESC is the order. The alternative is ASC. –  Leo Jul 8 '10 at 10:26
Thank you for the help, Leo. –  user327712 Jul 8 '10 at 18:22

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