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I was wondering if there was an API i could use to send free sms messages. I've made a social networking website for africa called. www.veepiz.com

I really would like this feature but almost every provider needs payment. yet i see lots of websites offering this. i also read you could use jabber API and still do this.... please offer me an overview of how i can do this. any knowledge is welcome. Thanx for your time

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If you have Google Voice, you could use the phpgooglevoice API. Of course...this would only be free for the US...

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There is some solution provided by 160/2 where you can integrate some codes, that will be still send by them by you can show that features to your own website but you need an account on there website.

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You should add in a link to the company's website. –  andrewsi Sep 28 '12 at 13:39

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