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I know this isn't exactly a programming question, but there may be some libraries/algorithms to do this, so I thought I could get a good answer. I have a polygon in google earth kml that I Want to make unfilled. I can do that by nesting 2 polygons, the inner being slightly smaller than the outer. Is there a way to dynamically determine the coordinates of the inner polygon given the outer polygon? I didn't know if there was a standard, well known way to do this. Or is there a way in kml/google earth to mark a polygon as unfilled?

thanks, Jeff

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Under PolyStyle, can you use fill=0 ? From Google's interactive sampler:

<PolyStyle id="ID">
  <!-- inherited from ColorStyle -->
  <color>ffffffff</color>            <!-- kml:color -->
  <colorMode>normal</colorMode>      <!-- kml:colorModeEnum: normal or random -->

  <!-- specific to PolyStyle -->
  <fill>1</fill>                     <!-- boolean -->
  <outline>1</outline>               <!-- boolean -->
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worked perfectly, thank.s –  Jeff Storey Jul 6 '10 at 20:26
@Jeff: no prob. Glad it worked. I have not used the fill arg, but I figured it should be the right one. –  MJB Jul 6 '10 at 20:28

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