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I have a few cells that schedule a list of employees depending on a start time. (In this case, the start time is indicated by the cell named 'Time'.)

=CONCATENATE(TEXT(Time,"h:mm AM/PM")&" - "&TEXT(Time+TIME(10,30,0),"h:mm AM/PM"))

It works fine but now I want to implement a feature that will allow the user to specify how long the shift could be by entering the amount of hours into a cell. (In my worksheet I used a cell named DayShift)

What would I do to my Function in order to allow the addition of how long the shift is?

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=CONCATENATE(TEXT(Time,"h:mm AM/PM")&" - "&TEXT(Time+TIME(0,Hours*60,0),"h:mm AM/PM"))

Where Hours is the cell with the number of hours (ie, 10.5 for your current example).

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Thanks! This is exactly what I needed! –  BioXhazard Jul 6 '10 at 21:09

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