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I am trying to expand a range of Hexadecimal numbers. For example I have on column K ... 1880 and column L ...188A my range is 1880-188A When I expand the Range, starting On column M I get 1880 1881 1882 1883 1884 1885 1886 etc etc.

From one of the posting I copied and changed the VBA script to fit my case... and it works ... but found 2 issues. All my device range are 4 digit and I need to keep all leading zeros.
For example if my range is 0000 - 0005 .... it errors... will not work.
If my range is 0001 - 0005 then I get 1 2 3 4 5.... and I want to be 0001 0002 0003 0004 0005

Any help will be much appreciated.. Thanks, JCam Here is the script that I use it ... as long as there are no leading zeros on my range

Sub FillHexNumbers()
Dim cellKValue As Long
Dim cellLValue As Long
Dim diffBetweenKAndL As Long
Dim iCtr As Long

cellKValue = CLng(Format("&h" & Cells(2, 11).Text, "###"))
cellLValue = CLng(Format("&h" & Cells(2, 12).Text, "###"))

diffBetweenKAndL = cellLValue - cellKValue

For iCtr = 0 To diffBetweenKAndL
    Cells(2, 13 + iCtr).Value = Hex(cellKValue + iCtr)
End Sub
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The Analysis Toolpak contains functions to convert between DEC and HEX - for HEX you can specify the # of digits, e.g. =DEC2HEX(14,4) gives "000E". You may enable this package by "Tools/Add-Ins...". By adding columns containing DEC numbers and displaying the HEX aequivalent you can maybe solve your task without VBA at all ...

Hope that helps

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you have to format the data as a string. You can do this with a single quite ie '0045.

may be something like this:
Cells(2, 13 + iCtr).Value = "'" & Hex(cellKValue + iCtr)

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Thanks for your answer... but I can not get it going.. –  JCam Jul 6 '10 at 23:45
try this: Cells(2, 13 + iCtr).Value = format(Hex(cellKValue + iCtr),"0000") –  bugtussle Jul 9 '10 at 15:30

Try this:

Dim i as Integer 'This is the number you want to format
Dim l as Integer 'The length you want your format in (suppose it's six)
Dim h as String

l = 6
i = 47           'Any integer between 0 and 16,777,215

h = Replace(Space(l - len(hex(i))), " ", "0") & hex(i) 'h = "00002F"

The variable h will return the format text "00002F".



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