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Hey again everyone. Yet again i am having some problems with trying to get the match correct on this Excel Spreadsheet to JavaScript conversion.

Here is the excel formula:


 B7  = TRUE
 B28 = 76800
 B10 = 892015
 B5  = 999500

And this is my JavaScript i have so far:

 function percent(x) { return Math.round((x-0)*100) + '%'; }

  var percentRepaid = $("#rev3DScanYear").val() / $("#section179Real").val();

  if (percentRepaid > 1)
    percentRepaid = $("#rev3DScanYear").val() / $("#SalePrice").val();
 //to be done   

 rev3DScanYear  = 76800
 SalePrice      = 999500
 section179Real = 892015

For the JavaScript code i keep getting a value of 8% and i should be getting a value of 8.61% as it has on the spreadsheet.

As always, any help would be great! :o)


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Math.round((x-0)*100) makes x an integer.

You could try Math.round(((x-0)*100)*100)/100 which makes the x = 8.609720... into x=861 and then divides it to get the x=8.61 you're looking for, which is what they would suggest here.

...Also, not really sure why you're subtracting 0 from x...?

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Coldnorth: i get 7.68 in the box when i try to do that. What am i missing?? –  StealthRT Jul 6 '10 at 23:36
For some reason on my TI-84 76800/999500 = .08 but when i do the same thing in javascript 768000/999500 it = 0.768384192096048??? –  StealthRT Jul 6 '10 at 23:52
76,800 / 999,500 = 7.68%, and 76,800 / 892,015 = 8.61%; you're dividing it by SalePrice and not section179Real. –  floatingLomas Jul 7 '10 at 15:41

Ok, so I've been looking at this again, and I think I didn't look deeply enough the first time.

The logic, if I understand it, is this:

If Section179 is checked then Divisor is Section179Real, else it is SalePrice.

Give me the smaller of 1.00 or (rev3DScanYear / Divisor).

If that's correct, you can do it in excel with =MIN(1,$B28/IF($B$7=TRUE,$B$10,$B$5)) (same references), which means that the following should do what you want it to:

var Divisor = $("#SalePrice");

  Divisor = $("#section179Real");

$("#paymentCashPer").val(Math.round(100*(Math.min(1, $("#rev3DScanYear")/Divisor)*100)/100;
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